In the market, there are a variety of TIG Welding Machine price. Our product range also comprises of ARC Welding Machine and MIG Welding Machine, Plasma welding machine.

Specification of TIG welding machine:


 Specification  HK Tig 250
 Input Voltage (V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  9.3
 Output Intensity (A)  20-250
 Output Voltage ( V)  60-70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  12
 Welding stick (mm)  2.6-4.0

HK TIG 315

Specification  HK Tig 315 AC/DC
 Input Voltage(V)  3 phase 380V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  13.1
 Output Intensity (A)  50-315
 Output Voltage ( V)  50-70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  32
 Welding stick (mm)  2.6 – 5.0
 Tungsten Electrode ( mm) 1.6-2.4-3.2


 Specification  HK Tig 200 AC/DC
 Input Voltage(V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  7
 Output Intensity (A)  20-200
 Output Voltage ( V)  50-70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  22
 Welding stick (mm)  1.6 – 3.2
 Tungsten Electrode ( mm)  1.6-2.4

It belongs to the quality and series of TIG welding machine, its price will be different. Cost of purchasing a TIG welding machine is ranging from $200 to $600, which is acceptable to most makets

Many welding companies offer various price range machines and welding services. The price range varies based on the custom features that are being added to your machines. The more features added to your machines, the more expensive would it be. However, OR Laser offer cost effective solutions to all your spot welding needs.

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  • Very economical
  • Prices are competitive with the industry
  • Not heavily priced even for a sophisticated machinery
  • Follows industry standards
  • Cost effective and doesn’t come for repairs often
  • Very durable

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