The metal surface needs to be cleaned carefully before being applied to the island to ensure good metal protection and to increase the life of the metal. However, a minority of people are aware of the problem of cleaning the metal surface before painting because most people think that the coating will be able to protect the metal well. For a long time, with the negative effects of weather and external factors, the exterior paint gradually wears down and external agents easily affect the metal layer inside.

Common surface cleaning methods

Nowadays, surface cleaning technology has developed and surface cleaning methods have been much easier

Clean with an iron brush

This is the most convenient surface treatment method and is extremely suitable for materials that have gloss on the surface and need to be cleaned to increase adhesion to the paint. However, this method really does not fit the welds because the toothbrush teeth can damage the weld.

Clean with knock hammer

This method is often combined with a brush cleaning method. They can work on surfaces that need to be cleaned locally and to surface materials that are compatible with some specific paints.

Clean by high pressure water injection

If the surface has been overcoated and the coating is too old, you may need to replace it with a new one. With a pressure of 1,700 bar – 2,000 bar, the paint on the surface of the material can easily be cleaned and ready for a new coat of paint.

Clean metal surface

Metals need to be cleaned to maintain durability

Blast cleaning

For this method, surface cleaning particles are utilized to clean the metal surface. Water mixtures and high pressures can be used to treat large scale rust on metal surfaces. After cleaning, the metal surface must be thoroughly dried before painting.
Sand dry cleaning is also a fairly common method, and the quality of surface cleaning is highly appreciated when using dry sand for cleaning. The stains as well as the rust will be removed completely and the adhesion of the metal is also higher. In addition, the cost of dry sand surface cleaning will be lower than other methods.